Keep your Brand in Sight

Keep your Brand in Sight

Australians now officially drink more Bottled Water than soft drinks, spending around $700 million on Bottled Water annually.

This shift on health and wellness, particular with Millennials, that decades ago might have seemed unthinkable, especially from a product that Australians can get free from a tap, has seen Bottled Water grow in popularity for all kinds of Events and Functions including Conferences, Trade Shows and Seminars.

What better way to get your conference or trade shows participants to remember you, amongst all the other data they received that day, with free Bottled Water.

Make Bottled Water freely available throughout your event. Getting free stuff is one of the best things about conferences, provided, of course, what you are giving out is useful and Bottled Water certain hits that mark (apparently we love the things, according to a recent Adweek infographic)

Don't forget to emphasise your Brand’s green credentials with Plastic Bottles which are fully recyclable, BPA free and certified Carbon neutral score – this will score well with your guests

Ensure you always provide the best quality water from locally sourced and bottled Australia Water suppliers.

Carrying around Bottled water while attending a Trade Show will keep attendees focused on your Brand long after visiting your booth.

Improve Brand Recall

“Never brand something solely for the sake of branding it. You need to know why you’re handing out that free piece of advertising.

Don’t hand out a custom-printed Bottled Water with just your logo, create a focused piece of advertising that tells a story, conveys an idea, matches the theme of your conference or the particular service or product you are showcasing at your trade show.” advises Charlene Walker, from creative agency Aslan Design Group.

Keeping a Clear Head

Keep your conference and trade show guests hydrated and thinking clearly, with high quality filtered or spring water.

A persons body is made up of 70 percent water, so water is really important and staying hydrated will help your participants stay focused, making a worthwhile and enjoyable event.

Drinking caffeinated drinks actually has the opposite effect to water, so although your guests may be drinking fluids, they are losing fluids through the caffeine intake which is not the best choice.

So what’s the right amount of water?

A sensible amount would probably be a few hundred milli-litres an hour.

Putting a 300ml or 600ml Bottled Water on each participants chair or handling out at entry is perfect.

Use at events where you can offer healthy hydration

Whether you are running a film festival which involves all day binge movie watching or a Millennials weekend Music festival, there is nothing worse for your guests festival experience to be derailed by something as simple but surprisingly important as poor hydration.

Free water at festivals is a fantastic idea on multiple levels, not just from a branding point of view but offering Free Bottled Water shows your guests that your Brand cares about their welfare. Millennials surveyed last year that they trust Brands over politicians, clergy, banks and government institutions, so offering Bottled Water is a great way to show you care and are in touch with their needs.

In fact, one of the top medical conditions seen at summer music festivals worldwide is dehydration.

It's responsible to provide water, keeping your fans hydrated and safe. Offering Free Bottled Water at music festivals is a huge common-sense safety measure in hot weather or all day festivals.

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