The team at NBW were great; they worked with us to get the design perfect and the delivery in time for our event. They even provided  graphic designer and their marketing team helped us maximise our exposure with their product. Would definitely use them again.

Andrew Soo
Senior Business Banking Manager

We are a small business and were looking for something to set us apart from the competition. Custom Water Bottles really helped differentiate us from our competition in Sydney. Our customers always comment on the bottles. "Oh you even have your own brand of water?". We offer a great service and the water helps us let them know that the small details count. 

Adam Buda
Champion Electrical 

There are dozens of Academy's in every suburb and it's hard to stand out. We went to a hotel, the Hyatt, while on holiday and were handed a custom labelled bottle. It really stood out in my mind because in the service industry, the people that go the extra mile are the ones you remmember.  They are given to every customer who walks through the door and without fail they always comment on how professional it is. It also helps us get our name out there as the students walk around all day advertising for us. It's been a great addition! 

Liam Resnekov
VT1 Martial Arts Academy

www.heartkids.org.au ordered branded water bottles from Custom Water for the first time recently and sold them at our Sweetheart Day www.sweetheartday.org.au campaign in February.

It was a seamless process, from artwork stage to ordering and delivery very early in the morning, to multiple sites around Sydney and Parramatta. Custom Water offers a great service, achieves a terrific branding opportunity and a healthy ROI.

Pam Collocott
Business Relationship Manager