BIO Bottle 500 mL - 100% Biodegradable bottle, lid and label

BIO Bottle 500 mL - Pallet buy only
24 x 500 mL bottles
78 packs per pallet
1872 Bottles per pallet
Price per bottle $0.99
Pallet price $1,853.28

This unique  biodegradable bottle is only available at Custom Water. This bottle is made from 100% recycled materials from the bottle, cap, label, to the shrink wrap and pallet wraps. The bottle is 100% biodegradable in the earth and leaves no micro plastic behind. 

Effective, 1 November 2018, all bottles sold within Australia, with the exception of VIC will incur a mandatory government EPA charge. Please be aware that we will add $0.12 to every bottle purchase made (this if for the return & earn schemes and the administrative levy that goes with it). For more information please go to