Boston Bottle - 600 mL (24 bottles per pack)

Minimum Order 10 boxes = 240 units

For larger quantities - Please Call

Min quantity 10 boxes

240 Bottles: $1.55 per bottle
241-480 Bottles: $1.35 per bottle
481-1008 Bottles: $1.15 per bottle
1009-2016 Bottles: $0.90 per bottle
2017-5016 Bottles: $0.85 per bottle


The Boston Bottle 600mL has a sleek and smooth design that perfect for a modern brand. Its generous capacity for water makes it a popular choice and is excellent for selling or promotional use. All Custom Water bottles are produced from PET plastic and are BPA-free for your health and safety. Choose a cap colour and customise the label with your logo, slogan and more.

Effective, 1 November 2018, all bottles sold within Australia will incur a mandatory government EPA charge. Please be aware that we will add $0.12 to every bottle purchase made (this if for the return & earn schemes and the administrative levy that goes with it). For more information please go to