Standard Bottle - 350 mL (15 bottles per pack)

Minimum Order 10 boxes = 240 units

For larger quantities - Please Call

Min quantity 10 boxes

240 Bottles: $1.45 per bottle
241-480 Bottles: $1.25 per bottle
481-1020 Bottles: $1.05 per bottle
1021-2025 Bottles: $0.80 per bottle
2026-5025 Bottles: $0.75 per bottle

The Standard Bottle 350mL is a size down from the regular 600mL bottle. Its smaller size makes it a great option for meetings with clients, handing out at events or even  accommodating to kids. This 350mL bottle is smooth with ridges at the bottom for easy grip and convenient design. All Custom Water bottles are constructed safely from PET and are BPA-free for your health and peace of mind. Choose a cap colour and customise the label with your logo, slogan and more.

Effective, 1 November 2018, all bottles sold within Australia will incur a mandatory government EPA charge. Please be aware that we will add $0.12 to every bottle purchase made (this if for the return & earn schemes and the administrative levy that goes with it). For more information please go to