Swoosh Bottle 400 mL

Swoosh Bottle 400 mL - Pallet buy only
12 x 400 mL bottles
192 packs per pallet
2304 Bottles per pallet
Price per bottle
Pallet price $1,589.76 

The Swoosh Bottle 400mL is a size down from the regular Swoosh 600mL bottle. Its smaller size makes it a great option for meetings with clients, handing out at events or even  accommodating to kids. This 400mL bottle is ribbed with grooves around the bottle and sizing already indented on the bottle. This Custom Water bottles is made from 100% recycled plastic, is constructed safely from PET and are BPA-free for your health and peace of mind. Choose a cap colour and customise the label with your logo, slogan and more. This bottle is available for pallet purchases only.