Everyday Items That Can Easily Be Recycled

March 15, 2021

Everyday Items That Can Easily Be Recycled

Throwing out the rubbish is a regular chore in every household, but with some
thoughtfulness and intention, this simple task can make a massive difference to the
environment we live in. Needless to say, excessive rubbish has become a major global cause
for concern because of overfilled landfills and pollution in our water, land and air.
How the general public throws out their rubbish is key to this impact.
If you’re a resident of NSW, you’ll be familiar with the yellow-lid bin. With every home being
provided a recycling bin by the local Councils, the opportunity to recycle is brought literally
to your doorstep and made easier than ever before. By actively dividing your rubbish into a
pile of recyclables and non-recyclables prior to collection, you can do your part to help save
the planet. Courtesy of City Of Sydney, here’s a list of what you can recycle in your yellow

  • aluminium and steel tins and cans
  • aerosol cans – these need to be empty
  • aluminium foil – scrunch into a tennis size ball before it goes in
  • glass bottles and jars – separate metal lids and place small ones in an empty tin
  • plastic soft-drink and water bottles
  • plastic food containers, tubs, trays and fruit punnets
  • juice and milk bottles
  • plastic containers for laundry liquid and powder, shampoo, conditioner, hand and body wash
  • newspapers, magazines and advertising materials – please remove plastic wrapping before adding to the bin
  • egg cartons
  • envelopes – even those with clear plastic windows
  • cardboard boxes including empty pizza boxes – remove any food scraps before putting them in the yellow lid bin

*List sourced from cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au

Aside from using your yellow-lid bin, most regions have a local recycling drop-off centre where you can dispose of more household items such as clothes and electricals. You can also stay updated with events such as ‘Recycle It Saturday’ which is being held on 13 March 2021 and 19 June 2021 for residents within the City Of Sydney boundary. You can find out more about what you can drop off and how it will be used here. 

By recycling these items, the materials can be repurposed to create all kinds of things from cardboard boxes to outdoor furniture! And of course, water bottles. Our Custom Water bottles are made from 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is more sustainable and environmentally-friendly than other plastics. Our bottles are also recyclable in turn – so, you can pop them into your yellow bin once finished as well. Shop our entire range of recyclable bottles and cans by visiting our website or call us on 02 9994 8952.