Why Impeccable Customer Service Is A Must For Every Business

May 05, 2021

Why Impeccable Customer Service Is A Must For Every Business

There’s a reason why the saying is “the customer is always right”. It’s a rule many businesses go by because a happy customer means a successful business. Building consumer trust is only possible when your business has a reputation that surpasses expectation – not only in the quality of products but even more so in customer service. The way you welcome customers, guide them along their journey and resolve any issues they might face is extremely valuable to maintain a growing database. Word of mouth is undeniably important and has the power to make or break your business. Whether it’s a one-star online review or a chat amongst friends, bad experiences can spread like wildfire and prevent consumers from giving your brand a chance at all.

Utilise Different Forms Of Communication

So, how do you keep a customer happy? First, you need to establish your method of customer care. Whether it’s in-person, by email, through a call centre or an online chat, each form of communication can be maximised to improve experience. For example, if someone signs up to your newsletter, send them a welcome email and perhaps a discount code for their first purchase. If someone contacts you through your online chat about something that’s gone wrong with their order, let them know how long it will be till a team member gets in touch. If someone walks through your doors unsure of what they want, a friendly smile and genuine advice can go a long way. What’s key is the approach and responsiveness.

Turn Bad Situations Around

It’s important as a business owner to know that some factors are out of your control and things can go wrong (no matter how much you try to avoid it), like a delivery getting damaged through transit or a product being unknowingly faulty. The positive thing here is that these unfortunate circumstances aren’t a lost cause and you do have the opportunity to redeem that customer’s loyalty. You can regain their confidence in purchasing from you again by reacting swiftly to the situation and offering something in return for the inconvenience or disappointment they’ve faced. More often than not, this care will result in thanks or at least will take that one-star review up to a three-star!

Brand Your Gifts

In whatever way possible, prioritise going above and beyond for customers because your business can’t survive without them. Let them know that they are valued and their opinions matter. When in doubt, free merchandise is always well received – and this is just one of the perks of having your own customised water bottles. Giving a gift with your name and logo on the label has many benefits such as being a conversation starter and increasing brand awareness. Call Custom Water today on 02 9994 8952 to find out more about how our products can help your business or browse our range of products at customwater.com.au.