Make your Business stand out from the crowd

March 29, 2018

Make your Business stand out from the crowd

Custom Bottled Water is one of the easiest ways to boost your business.


Companies are often hesitant to give away items for free. However with custom water bottles, the prices are so low you will see the immediate benefits. When giving a complimentary bottle, it's a great conversation starter, with no strings attached. Breaking the ice is one of the hardest parts of selling, but with complimentary promotional water, you can simply say "hey, would you like a bottle of water, you look thirsty". This can be followed by a lead in to your product pitch, now that their guard is down.  The potential customer will then spend the rest of the expo advertising for you as they carry the bottle around and put it to their mouth.


Another Sydney based business hands a custom labeled water bottle to every customer who walks through the door, regardless of whether they buy anything or not. Like #1, it ensures the brand is being spread by the right target market as they walk around during the rest of their day. It also lets the customer know we are not just there to hard sell, we are there to ensure they have the best experience from the moment they walk through the door - that you care.


One Sydney customer makes it compulsory for their employees to always have a custom water bottle in their hand at all times. It sends a message that the company takes care of them and prioritises their well being. It also sends the message that the company thinks about the details, that they will go the extra mile for their service.

Promotional Bottled Water can be priceless for your business - be some of the first in Sydney to utilize it properly.