A cost-effective form of advertising for real estate agencies

October 23, 2018

A cost-effective form of advertising for real estate agencies

Then put your Brand directly in the Hands of your Customers... with Promotional Bottled Water

Who doesn’t love a great guerrilla marketing campaign?

Especially when traditional advertising can be expensive and difficult, and in most cases, a one-time, one-placement advertisement.

What if instead, you could reach customers where they least expect?

Just imagine, by handing your ad to everyone you meet in the form of a Custom Labelled Bottled Water, you are literally putting your Brand in the hands of your customers and using them as a vehicle to spread your brand message with every bottle.

Use the power of Bottled Water as a marketing tool and tap into three subtle yet powerful motives:

  1. People love freebies
  2. They are happy to take an item they consider useful and desirable, such as thirst quenching water
  3. It’s convenient

People hold on to bottled water...

They will carry it around with them, take it home, sit it on their office desk.

This makes Bottled Water an inexpensive yet Powerful Advertising Tool for Real Estate Leads. Could you imagine having your brand in sight all day long?

Personalised branded bottled water can do just that!

With your branding and message on a Custom Labelled Water, the potential for that person to be staring at your branding for hours is huge. There is a clear difference between having your brands’ exposure time in traditional media of 15 to 30 seconds versus having bottled water visible for hours.

Branded bottled water in your Office, your next Open House and at every Auction

Offering a beverage to customers when visiting your Office is always a polite and thoughtful gesture.

Now you can offer your customers natural, healthy water, fully Branded with your Company's branding.

Get it seen…

Other ways to have your branding prominent.

  • Imagine coming into your office with your branded bottled water on every desk?
  • Stack glass-fronted bar fridge to the brim with your Branded Bottled Water, it looks impressive!
  • Offer your customers bottled water when they drop into your office - let them know they can take it with them.

Hand out your Own Branded Bottled Water to everyone who turns up at your Open House events and at your Auctions.

Everyone wants water and how many times do you see someone reach for bottled water?

Dehydration makes a person tired and concentration becomes poor. Keep your potential Buyer hydrated, clear-headed, happy and not wanting to leave.

People love freebies - Take advantage of it

Make Branding your buddy and creating brand awareness by handing out your very own Branded Bottled Water at every opportunity you can:

  • Open House events
  • Auctions
  • Visitors to your office
  • Include a Bottled Water in your take-home presentation pack
  • Community events

“We handed out our Branded Bottled Water at our last Open House and people loved it! Nearly everyone took the water with them. No doubt it was a quick and easy way to promote ourselves”.

TK – Local Real Estate Agent

Tips on How To Present

  • Keep the label layout clear and easy to read
  • Make your logo and phone number the most prominent
  • Don’t say too much
  • Use a tagline
  • Ensure your brand colours are prominent

Make bottled water advertising part of your sales strategy

We can help you customise the perfect bottled water label for your business’s advertising needs.

At Custom Water, we offer fresh Australian water, complete with full-colour, custom printed labels to help Real Estate Agents promote their Brand. For a refreshing promotional item, from only 48¢ for 10,000 custom labelled bottles, you can't beat this price.

To place an order or if you have any questions, please call our friendly team on 02 9994 8952.