Are you looking for Promotional ideas for your Car Dealership?

July 23, 2019

Are you looking for Promotional ideas for your Car Dealership?

A customer that walks into your dealership spends a day hopping between dealerships car shopping. Greet them with an ice cold bottle of complimentary water with your dealership’s branding. It will be a welcome gesture, especially on a hot summer’s day. They are likely to keep it with them throughout the day and take it around their local community. A bottle of your brand’s custom labelled water is a walking business card for your dealership.

Here are some tips a bottle of promotional water can help increase your brand exposure and enhance a customer’s experience at your dealership.

  1. Give a bottle of water to every customer that walks in - they have been car shopping all day and a cold drink (especially in summer) will be a welcomed touch of customer service. They are likely to take the bottle out of the dealership and give you free advertising in the community.
  2. Leave a complimentary bottle of your branded water in the cup holder of your client’s car. It is an excellent customer retention strategy that is icing on top of the excellent service your dealership prides itself on. It keeps your dealership front of mind and it a personalized touch when they pick up their car.
  3. Sponsor local events, whether it’s a school Spring Fair, a sports event or a charity run. Imagine if every parent or participant was carrying your business card on a bottle around all day?

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