Case Study: Custom Water at VT1 Academy

August 21, 2018

Case Study: Custom Water at VT1 Academy

Martial arts business is all about brand recognition and community networking. The owners of VT1 Academy; Australia's largest Martial Arts Academy, started using custom labeled bottled water a few years ago. One of the owners - Liam Resnekov - says it's the most common thing that people comment on when they visit the gym. "Oh you've got your own bottled water, that's really professional.". "They are also proud to walk around with it, letting people know they are part of our Academy."

"Straight away having our own promotional water helped us stand out from the other Gyms in Sydney. It gave us immediate credibility and professionalism and the students would go to cafe's and other businesses around the area with them, further pushing our branding".

Why is it so effective?

1. Especially in the gym industry, the most common thing to see in someone's hand is a beverage. Even after training, they will be un-bottling, drinking and carrying it with them as they recover. Subconsciously it helps the surrounding community become aware of your branding and when they eventually think of taking the activity - in this case martial arts - they will think of your brand.

2. It sets you apart professionally - It shows that the little details are important, that you will go the extra mile in your service. This is what customers look for and the custom water bottle says it.

Children love to carry them

If your business has a kids element to it, there is no better way than to get the name out there with promotional bottled water. This exposes the brand to adults, their own peers and most importantly, the right target market.

The owner says:

"It's one of the best investments we made and we recommend it to everyone." Says the other owner, Dylan Resnekov.