Design makes a difference to your business

January 28, 2019

Design makes a difference to your business

Millions have been spent in the advertising industry to try to understand human behavior in relation to colour, space, fonts, shapes and the combination of all of these elements. Something that rarely occurs to the business owner is how much font and colour selection effect how the client responds emotionally to your service or product. Yet so little effort is put into the choice.

A few important elements to think of when choosing your Custom Water Bottles:

  1. Choosing the font - Choose the font that conveys your message.
  2. Grouping the fonts effectively - This is an art form and it speaks about the cohesion of the services your offer.
  3. Choosing the strength - Bold, understated, smooth. What is your message?
  4. Choosing the space - Where your message is expressed is just as important as the message.
  5. Less is more - This applies to colour, shapes and designs. It's safer and easier to look at. It draws attention to your message.
We know that you are busy building your business so we use a professional designer to make sure your promotional water bottles look and represent the values of your business. If it looks cheap, like no effort was put into it, it will reflect your service. The specialist works with you to help you find the sweet spot where the client instantly knows what you offer.

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