How To Make The Most Of A Water Bottle Label

June 05, 2020

How To Make The Most Of A Water Bottle Label

Purchasing custom water bottles is a good investment for any company. Not only does it increase branding and contribute to marketing strategies at a small cost, but it also gives everyday people an introduction to your business and what it’s all about. So, when it comes to making an order of custom water bottles, you’ll want to make sure that you’re utilising the tool and maximising the opportunity of exposure. The main method of accomplishing this is quite obvious – the water bottle label. While you may take a simplistic approach of just printing your logo on a label, this isn’t the only option and you can be more creative. In fact, it isn’t even necessarily the best option unless you’re already a well-known brand such
as a popular fast-food franchise. We want to give our clients some tips on how to make the most of an order by customising a water bottle label.

The most important thing to have on your water bottle is definitely your logo. When we talk about brand awareness, it’s about establishing a recognisable identity and what better way than with the business’ signature design and colours. Heavy focus on making your logo familiar and distinguishable means that it should be on every piece of your merchandise. Brand awareness is all about people seeing your logo and saying, “Oh! I know who that is!”. The same way that McDonald’s is known for its famous golden arches. Without a doubt, your logo needs to be on your water bottles.

Contact Information
As mentioned earlier, if you have a small business you will need more than just a logo on your water bottle. When people are holding your water bottle in their hand, it’s a big opportunity for you to say “Contact us!”. Your logo may not necessarily have your business name on there, especially if it’s an icon, so clearly layout your name, phone number, website and email. This doesn’t need to be very large, but remember that your label wraps around your water bottle so you will have space to fill if you want to!

Promotional Plug
If you’re handing out water bottles at a convention, festival, meeting or any type of event, consider it a chance to widen your database. If you’re wanting people to sign up or make a purchase, print a current promotion or prompt them with a tempting offer. Essentially your water bottle becomes your business flyer – talk about cost-effective marketing methods!

List of Services
Just like your contact information, having some bullet points or a simple sentence outlining your services can catch someone’s eye. No one is looking to read an article on their water bottle and you don’t want your merchandise to be too wordy, so sum up your services as best as you can in a short list or summary.

Let Custom Water Design Your Label
Forget the stress of putting together another piece of marketing material and let Custom Water’s expert graphic designers do it for you! All you’ll need to do is select your water bottle and we’ll use the dimensions to create a professionally-constructed label. The cost is a fraction compared to other graphic designers and you’re guaranteed an artwork that is customised to your business. Call us on 02 9994 8952 or 0405 974 506 to get started on your label and water bottle order today!