How Water Bottles Give People A Better Customer Experience

July 29, 2020

How Water Bottles Give People A Better Customer Experience

The number one thing that makes a returning customer is a good experience. Without a stand-out experience in your shop, office, salon or restaurant, you’re unfortunately prone to losing a paying customer and in turn, income. Not only are profits on the line when it comes to customer experience, but also your business’ reputation. In this digital era, everyone goes online to check reviews from previous customers and more often than not make their decisions based on word of mouth. The harsh truth is that anything less than a four-star rating will automatically make your business a no-go for many consumers. Not to mention, it’s made even more difficult because people will generally go out of their way to post a bad review online than take time to write a good one!

It’s tough enough competing with other businesses in your industry and fighting for consumer attention through pricey marketing campaigns, so you don’t want the people who do come through your doors to be left disappointed. Even if you provide quality products, you won’t increase your target market without exceptional service. That’s why it’s so important to offer people a friendly smile, a good attitude and a gesture that they’ll remember.

Why Consumers Love Water Bottles

When it comes to creating an unforgettable experience for a customer, you’ll need to go above and beyond. But that doesn’t necessarily mean an out-of-budget freebie or an impractical amount of time spent with one person. Something as simple as handing someone a Custom Water Bottle will show care and thoughtfulness. Here are just a few examples of the different industries that can benefit from water bottles.


Imagine finally reaching your destination after a long journey and being met with a grumpy frown and a snarky attitude when given your room key. It’s the last thing you want. Instead, if the hotel staff welcomed you with a smile, you’d start with a good experience. If the staff member asked about your journey and offered you a water bottle to help you unwind from your travels, you’d be even more grateful. It’s a small gesture that makes a huge first impression.


Once someone walks into a spa or salon, you know they’ve taken some time out to treat themselves and relax. This means that they already have some high expectations when walking through the door. Offering a customer a water bottle before or after their service is a nice way to help them unwind and cool down. In an industry promoting well-being, it’s a no-brainer and will make your customers that much more comfortable.

Funeral Services

Whenever someone requires a funeral to be organised, it’s crucial for service to be compassionate and genuine. Looking after the customer and their loved ones is imperative. By catering to their needs and providing additional care items such as tissues and water bottles, your business is providing a sense of support that can relieve the stress in a difficult and emotional time.

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