Smart (& Safe) Marketing During COVID-19 With Custom Water Bottles

May 22, 2020

Smart (& Safe) Marketing During COVID-19 With Custom Water Bottles

So far, 2020 is a year that has proven to be a trying time for many business
owners. With the loss of profits and “business as usual” due to COVID-19, all
industries have suffered from the blow and are trying to keep afloat. Coronavirus
is a global pandemic that has stopped the world in its tracks. While authorities
are trying to reduce the spread of the disease here in Australia by placing
restrictions that limit face-to-face contact and enforce social distancing,
businesses have to turn to creative forms of marketing as a result.

It’s imperative to adapt during these unprecedented times. That applies to your
branding strategies too. Amongst all of the havoc, you want your audience to
remember your brand and continue to recognise your service. But of course,
marketing can be expensive and you may feel that it’s not worth the return when
it’s hard to reach your customers on a day-to-day basis. So, it’s understandable if
you’re lost for options. We’re here to help and have a game-changing solution.

The Affordable & Risk-Free Solution: Custom Water Bottles
Coronavirus spreads through face-to-face contact with an infected person, while
the probability of catching it from packaging is extremely low*. It is highly
unlikely for the virus to survive on surfaces that are moved from different
environments and are exposed to a variety of temperatures.

That’s why we have an affordable and safe marketing tool for both you, as a
business owner, and your clientele – Custom Water Bottles. Buying plastic or
glass water bottles that are disposable mean that you’re investing in a risk-free
choice that gives everyone peace of mind. Pair the water bottle with a label that
is custom designed for your business, and you have an impressive and clever
marketing opportunity right at your fingertips. With a logo and contact
information on a water bottle label, you’re keeping in touch with the public in a
way that also promotes health – drinking H2o!

Bottled water is one of the most popular beverages bought, and by beating the
risk of spreading COVID-19, people are undoubtedly continuing to purchase it.
It’s an effective way of reaching out as a business and can even be used for
promotional use as a giveaway. What better approach to keep a relationship with
your customers than by giving them a freebie that costs little to you, promotes
your brand and makes people feel appreciated? It’s a no-brainer.

So while the pandemic shifts your business plan, continue to focus on your
marketing. There’s still a chance to help your business strive and reach goals at a
faster rate than anticipated, turning the year around for the better. Ask us about
how affordable it is to order Custom Water Bottles today.

*Source: Australasian Promotional Products Association