Talking Costs: Custom Water Bottles Vs Traditional Marketing Material

August 27, 2020

Talking Costs: Custom Water Bottles Vs Traditional Marketing Material

When business owners hear the word marketing it’s not unusual to simultaneously hear a ching-ching echo alongside it. Marketing is undeniably essential and incredibly important for any business not only to succeed but even to survive in this competitive, modern era. In saying that, it’s not an easy or cheap feat. Many businesses have a separate marketing team and budget specifically assigned to maximise presence on traditional and digital platforms. But what is it that truly gets your money’s worth?

Despite common misconception, traditional marketing is just as crucial as digital marketing. Yes, social media ads and websites deliver detailed analytics, but print, signage and physical material offer a personalised form of brand awareness. When it comes to clientele relationships, people prefer to know that the industries they deal with are local and real. That’s why it’s imperative to have a budget and strategy allocated to traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing material consists of anything in a physical form that works as an advertisement for your company: flyers, magnets, stress balls, novelty items, stationery, business cards. People love receiving complimentary items and the more creative they are, the better the response. However, for some business owners (depending on your budget), it can be overwhelming to commit to a bulk of material that can’t guarantee to deliver leads.

Why Custom Water Bottles Are A More Cost-Effective Option

We’re really proud of how our products help businesses reach their audience, and here’s why we know they work with any budget:

  • Custom Water bottles have customisable labels, meaning they are essentially a wrap-around flyer – but unlike a traditional flyer, people don’t refuse to take them or leave them at the bottom of a mailbox. In essence, they can scrap flyer costs altogether.
  • Custom Water bottles can be ordered in bulk or in smaller order numbers, so you’re not stuck with a large amount of material in storage. You can get just enough to accommodate to your turnover rate and order more as you need it.
  • Custom Water bottles are consumable, making them desirable. Unlike other gimmicky items, no one turns down a water bottle. It means that you have the attention of anyone who has one in-hand.
  • Custom Water bottles are affordable, much more so than other promotional gear and items. Enquire with us to find out!
  • Having Custom Water bottles displayed on counters and shelves essentially work as posters, bringing brand awareness through a signage-esque method.
  • Customers holding a branded water bottle will attract the attention of others, making your business a conversation starter. They’re essentially the modern-day business card.

All things considered, rather than dispersing your marketing budget on small ineffective items, investing them in Custom Water bottles will give you an all-in-one marketing solution. Whether it’s to hand out at meetings or events, or to sell at fundraisers or cafés, plastic and glass water bottles will always prove to be a successful product. Call us today for more information and advice on how your business can reap the many benefits.