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Here's how to win & sell more cars

May 08, 2018

Here's how to win & sell more cars

Even though Car Dealerships are moving away from hard-selling, there a few things that every customer looks for when they walk into your dealership, the things that make it stand out and most importantly — make them drive away instead of walking.

Customers walk in the door, usually after having done their research, and they are greeted — and if they aren’t they should be — by the customer management/salesperson. Sales people believe they are probing the customer, but the opposite is actually true – they are examining you. A car is a huge investment. It’s an investment not just in transport, but in style and safety. They are evaluating you on your:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Pride in your brand
  3. Experience with the products you are selling.
  4. Willingness to be competitive on your price.
  5. Eye for the details.