The benefits of being the middle-man

February 13, 2018

The benefits of being the middle-man

In the age of the internet, the business landscape has changed immensely. You no longer have to be supplier, seller, marketing and set up in a full-time office bleeding rent out of your account every day.

Thanks to companies like you can set up a drop-ship style system and operate a virtual office from anywhere in the world. Our marketing experts tell us about the advantages of these new-age arrangements:

Some of the common problems in the Promotional water bottle business is that the orders are unpredictable. They can vary from small to large, regular to random. The advantage of being the middle man is that you only have to concern yourself with what you are good at; connecting with customers.
The common issues with being an all in one company:

  • Excess stock
  • Cancelled orders resulting in useless stock
  • Delivery management
  • Production troubleshooting
  • Headaches

The advantages of being the middle man are numerous, but the bottom line is that it keeps your overheads low & your focus on what's important - making sales and providing a good service to events and companies.