What Is BPA & Why Is It Bad For You?

May 08, 2020

What Is BPA & Why Is It Bad For You?

There has been a lot of attention in the media surrounding BPA. You may have
heard of it being used in water bottles, baby bottles, containers and plastic
cutlery. But what is it and is it something you should be worried about?

BPA stands for Bisphenol A and is a synthetic chemical compound that has been
used since the 1960s to make certain plastics. When BPA is mixed with other
compounds it creates a harder and more resilient plastic, which is often desired
by consumers for products with longevity. But while BPA promises a stronger
material for goods to last longer, it also has a downside.

In recent years, scientific research has shown that BPA can cause harm to health.
Because it is a chemical said to imitate the body’s hormones, it can possibly
interfere with your regular functions and natural behaviours. Exposure to BPA
holds the risk of thyroid dysfunction, infertility and even heart disease. Your
body can also be vulnerable to type 2 diabetes, asthma and breast or prostate
cancers when consuming from products with BPA in their packaging.
With these frightening prospects, it’s no wonder there has been a shift in the
merchandising industry with products being put under a microscope (so to
speak). While some labels read “BPA-free”, not all do – especially in the water
bottle industry.

Consumers are more cautious than ever, and it’s important for business owners
who invest in personalised water bottles to be aware and attentive to what
products they are handing out. Ultimately, having your logo on a water bottle is
your business’s reputation – and you don’t want your reputation slandered for
the use of BPA.

At Custom Water, we care for your health and the health of your clients just as
much as you do – and it’s for that reason that all Custom Water bottles are BPA-
free. Even with water itself being the best form of hydration for the body, we
want to make sure that what you drink it from is healthy for you too. Whether
your preference is plastic or glass, Custom Water bottles will give you the peace
of mind that it is non-toxic and safe.

Avoid the risk and ask us today about how you can order custom water bottles
for your business. You’ll come to find out that our BPA-free products are only
one of the benefits that make us stand out from the rest.