What Is Brand Consistency & Why Is It Necessary?

December 03, 2020

What Is Brand Consistency & Why Is It Necessary?

Have you ever gone online and browsed a website that is selling items that you’re after, but something seems a bit off? The website might be completely legitimate but gives you some sort of doubt because you haven’t heard of the brand before, you don’t recognise their logo or their pages are inconsistent. Your apprehension might even be because their products don’t look like they’re made or supplied by the brand at all. So, as a result, you turn to a familiar website that may sell items at a higher price point - but at least you have peace of mind because you know you can trust them.


This is a typical example of why brand consistency is important for a business owner. You know your brand, but do your customers? People won’t know whether your products are of great quality or that your service is exceptional if you don’t sell the brand itself, because that’s what people are buying first and foremost. Brand consistency is about establishing a brand that people can recognise and trust, and therefore generates sales.

Why is brand consistency important?

Whether or not your target market knows it, brand consistency plays a large role in how they interact with you and whether or not they choose to make a purchase from you. Why? Because customers aren’t interested in the risk of having a bad shopping experience. Ultimately, they’re more inclined to opt for a business that will give them what they expect and that has an undoubtedly good reputation. This is the case both in-store and online and applies to pretty much every purchase from a TV to a cheeseburger. Customers are going to turn to the brands that make them confident about their decision. So, if you want to grow your database of ideal customers then you need to give your brand a clear identity and encourage its popularity by sticking to it.

How to achieve brand consistency

If you take a look at some of the most popular brands in the world, you’ll realise that they all have a lot in common. From McDonald’s and Coca-Cola to Apple and NIKE, the most successful brands all fulfil a checklist:

  • Unmistakeable logo
  • Strong messaging
  • Consistent product quality
  • Recognisable identity
  • Consumer trust

There’s no limit to your business’ success. If you are confident in what your brand is in every detail, then so too will the rest of the world. By establishing an identity and using consistent messaging across your merchandise, packaging, advertising, website, social media and in every other opportunity, people will be more intrigued and curious to try your products.

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