What Is The Return & Earn Scheme?

August 12, 2020

What Is The Return & Earn Scheme?

Litter is a big problem in modern society. From the streets, beaches and public areas that rubbish is found, it costs our country millions of dollars to try to control and of course has a terribly negative impact on the environment. We love our water bottles but we also want to share information on something that’s very important to us – why it’s necessary to recycle and contribute to the initiatives that prevent unnecessary harm to the beautiful land we get to call home. We are all responsible for mother nature’s state and need to play a part in protecting it.

NSW Government’s Return & Earn Scheme

With an aim to get community support and involvement in tackling the current litter issue, the NSW Government has a Return & Earn Scheme in place. The process is quite simple; you collect eligible empty bottles and cans (you can check which containers are eligible here), take them to a return point (return points can be found here) and earn a refund of 10 cents per bottle for yourself or as a donation.

You may have already heard of it (since it’s been around for a year!) but we want to remind you of it and share the good news that it’s continuing to grow. To date there are 618 return points across the state and over 4 million drink containers that have been returned. That’s a lot of rubbish kept off our beautiful shores and bustling streets! It’s easy to participate and more return points means that you’re likely to find one right in your neighbourhood. Depending on your return point, you can receive a refund in cash, as an e-voucher, a retail voucher or you can pay it forward to a partnering not-for-profit organisation.

Making A Larger Impact As A Business

From one business to another, we encourage all of our clients, customers and institutions to get involved because we all have the power to make a huge, positive impact. By collecting water bottles and cans consciously from people in your workplace, at your school or from your sports club, you can have a cage full of returns in no time. You can even use the Scheme as a fundraising method! You can apply on behalf of a charity or not-for-profit organisation and then let your community know that they can donate their returns to them or drop off their eligible bottles directly to you in a communal collection box. One man’s trash turns into a community’s treasure!

 For more information on the Return & Earn Scheme, visit www.returnandearn.org.au and stay up to date with the latest news. At Custom Water, our water bottles and cans are eligible for Return & Earn, so they have a safe place to go once they’ve been used and enjoyed! Reach out to us to know more about our 100% recycled PET bottles and sustainability in the production process.