Why are Chinese importers buying Australian Water?

September 08, 2019

Why are Chinese importers buying Australian Water?

At Custom Water, there has been a massive uptake of Australian water for the Chinese market. Why is this suddenly happening? China is becoming one of the biggest exporters of produce, and as their economy picks up, they are sourcing the best products to provide for their burgeoning middle class.

So why Australian Custom bottled water?

1. It's trust worthy
Chinese supermarkets want to meet their customer's demands and the customers want to consume products that they trust. Australian produce, including our water, has an assumed quality that clients trust.

2. Its affordable
Our Sydney based Custom Labelled Water bottles are the cheapest around and it allows the retailer to add a healthy profit to it their margin and still give the consumer the lowest prices.

3. It tastes the best!
It's as simple as that. Our Sydney custom bottled water tastes the best. The quality and sourcing has resulted in a taste that cant be beat.