Why Brand Awareness Is Crucial For Your Business

July 02, 2020

Why Brand Awareness Is Crucial For Your Business

It’s not expected for every business owner to be a marketing guru from the start, especially not if the business itself is young. What’s typically learnt first is a business strategy, a budget and administrative duties. While those are the foundational stepping stones of business growth, you’ll need more than that to truly succeed.

When you think of any successful business, there’s one thing they have in common – fame. They could be famous for making the world’s tastiest burger or the most worn shoes by celebrities. We’re talking about instant recognition. From a logo to a signature colour, each renowned business has an identity that is recognisable by any average consumer. Why is that? And why does that amount to success? Here’s what you need to know about one of marketing’s most valuable tools – brand awareness.

Brand Awareness Builds An Identity 

There’s a reason why we see a certain shade of blue and think of Tiffany & Co. or why we can drive past a billboard with nothing but a tick and think of Nike. It’s because these companies, and those of the like, have deliberately put a heavy amount of focus on building a brand identity. It’s what we associate with everyday culture, a community and a vision. A unique identity is what every business needs to stand out in this very competitive world. Without an identity that is recognisable by a large audience, your business faces the threat of being washed away in a sea of populated industries.

Good Branding Produces Consumer Trust

Once a business has an identity, there are notions associated with the brand. That’s why messaging is so important. What businesses need is consumer trust, and if brands can build a reputation for themselves that is known and accepted by many, naturally popularity will grow and everyone will be curious to try or be part of a community. This trust will then make a business a go-to – whether it’s a go-to fast-food chain, a go-to coffee or go-to clothing store. You want someone to think of a particular good or service and associate it with your business at the drop of a hat.

How To Increase Brand Awareness 

Unlike other marketing strategies which aim to get results and leads as quickly as possible, brand awareness is a slow burn. It’s having a brand follow you until you begin to recognise it wherever you go. Take the famous golden arches for example – McDonald’s has been around for 65 years and has changed the fast-food world as we know it. That’s not to say that you need 65 years for your business to get recognised! Firstly, there’s the advantage of living in a digital era where outreach is limitless. Secondly, you always want to start with your local audience. Build the trust, the customer relationship and then watch your business soar.

Because brand awareness is an ongoing marketing strategy, it can take a chunk of a business’ budget. Speak to Custom Water today and let us tell you how affordable branding can be. With your logo and signature colours on a water bottle label, you’ll have a marketing campaign in the palm of your hands. Visit www.customwater.com.au for more information.