Will Giving Free Merchandise Benefit Your Business?

November 18, 2020

Will Giving Free Merchandise Benefit Your Business?

It’s every consumer’s favourite word: free. Why? Because everyone loves being given something they didn’t have to pay for. Call it a gift, giveaway or freebie – no one will ever turn down something they get for free (even if it has no use to them!). It makes people happy, like a present from a complete stranger. Everyone knows that walking into a grocery store and seeing a sample stand with cups of small snacks is like hitting the jackpot. It turns an average experience, even a chore for some, into something surprisingly pleasant.


The reality is that prices rise every year and expenses become harder to keep up with, so people appreciate value more than ever before. And what’s got more value than something without a price tag? Packages with discounts or free upgrades are more appealing to the consumer because value for money is one of the most important factors in making a purchasing decision. So, what does that mean for you as a business? Here’s how a few free items can strengthen your brand.

Leave a lasting impression

Being a business in this era, you would undoubtedly have a large number of competitors both online and in-store. For this reason alone, you need to stand out from the crowd and win consumers over in noticeable ways. Aside from great products and exceptional customer service – which your competitors could also have – you need to go above and beyond to show customers that you care for them. What better way to show that you care than with gifts? Free merchandise goes a long way because it gets people talking to their friends about their experience, it gives them the chance to try a product that they might not have considered before and it does all of that with your logo and brand name in their mind. It means that because of a lasting impression, consumers will turn to you when they need a product that you supply. 

Build consumer relationships

If you have a meeting with a client or are trying to close a considerably large deal, you need to show appreciation and sincerity. That’s because no one is going to buy a big-ticket item from a salesperson who shows no interest in their business. Aside from a friendly smile, start your meetings off with a complimentary bottle of water, hand your business card over with a free notepad, make them a coffee in a branded thermos. Whatever works with your demographic, do it. Giving away free merchandise feels like small perks to the receiver and may eventually butter them up just enough to close that deal with you.

Reach a wider audience with Custom Water bottles

Haven’t given away free merchandise before and don’t know where to start? Custom Water can help. Everyone drinks water, so customising your own label and giving those bottles away is an easy pick and a win for everyone. At Custom Water, we have 350mL water bottles which are the perfect size for promotional use. They are great marketing tools all year round and are affordable too. Call us on 02 9994 8952 and ask us about making an order today.