Qualities Of A Good Logo

January 08, 2021

Qualities Of A Good Logo

Businesses aren’t just dropped on business owners’ doorsteps by a stork on a sunny day (although, what a dream that would be!). Successful businesses are created in an intentional, planned and strategic manner. Everything, from a witty business name and strong messaging to a calculated target market and unique product catalogue, contributes to what makes a company popular and memorable. (Intrigued? Read more about brand identity here.) However, one of the most important forms of brand identity is what catches the consumer’s eyes in just a couple of seconds: a logo.

What is a logo?

A logo is an illustration or wordmark that represents a company, business or brand and its products or services. It is a symbol that is unique and allows consumers to identify goods. Logos are usually used on packaging, websites and marketing material. It’s essentially an organisation’s form of ID to the world.

Why a logo is important

With an unlimited number of businesses all over the globe, your logo needs to stand out amongst the rest and be distinctive in its own right. Consumers are exposed to so many advertisements on a daily basis, so they might not necessarily remember your name at first, but they will begin to recognise the colour and shape of your logo if they see it over and over again. Eventually, the association to your brand will be made and, voilà, you’ve made an unforgettable impression on a consumer who can be part of your database!

Characteristics of every good logo

Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s’ golden arches, Apple’s bitten apple, Coca-Cola’s red cursive. Most consumers around the world can identify these logos in an instant. What makes these emblems so recognisable? All great logos have specific qualities in common that can inspire you to create your own or refresh your existing one.

  • Simplicity

Is it a cat eating a banana? A tree growing lightbulbs? No one is going to spend time tilting their head and squinting at your logo to decipher what the illustration is meant to be and what it stands for. A logo that’s easy to remember is simply… simple. A unique shape or meaningful symbol made up of the brand’s signature colours are often most effective. 

  • Versatility

Remember that your logo should be able to be blown up on a highway billboard and still look as great as it does etched on the slim surface of a pen. If it isn’t scalable, it isn’t practical for you to use across all marketing materials. Don’t limit yourself – ensure your logo is impactful no matter where it’s previewed.

  • Relevance

When it comes to your logo, think of the audience that it should appeal to. A quirky font with bright colours is suitable for a toy store but won’t be the case for a law firm (pun unintended!). Your logo should represent your company and its values in a way that’s fitting to the industry.

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